● Special designed ring die
Dia. 8-12mm, compress ratio 1:5-8. Ring die structure is special designed for the wood light material pressing.
● Special processing design according to your wood original situation
Wood chipper (option)
Wood professional grinder
Pellet moisture control system (option)
● Processing Illustrate (take attached process flow for example )
No.101-108:Wood chipper (102) cuts the log into pieces, which size is similar to coins. Homogenizer (104) press the material to be even and more suitable for wood preliminary grinding.
No.201-210: If the wood material moisture is high than 14%, we need to use drum fast dryer to decrease the moisture bellow 14%. Less moisture content will bring higher grinding efficiency and wood pellet burning value.
No.301-315: This is fine grinding treatment to make sure that the wood dust can pass the ring die hole successfully. If ring die hole size dia. is 8mm, the granular size should be less than 1/3 of dia.8mm.
No.401-413:It is the key section of wood dust granulation (404). Specially designed bins are equipped with discharging screw at the bottom to avoid blocking. Cooler (409) can bring 3-4% moisture from the wood pellet, which hardness is increased and fits final product requirement.
No.501-513:This stage is for final product packing and bulk load out.
No.601-605:Assistant system comprises compressor and hot water adding parts etc.Biomass Pelleting Line supplier