Our History
"Escort Cat" is our brand name which focused on providing the professional third party quality service, based on advanced concept of community-share, we are able to provide competitive service of inspection, factory audit, loading supervision, translation, etc. We are committed to the one-stop service of inspection and testing for all kinds of industries in trade supply chain.
Our team members are grouped from famous 3rd parties and giant trading companies, all with experience more than 25 years, experted in trade supply chain and all kinds of product technical standards.
Our Product
Inspection, factory audit
Product Application
Clothing, fabrics, electronic products, electrical appliances, hardware tools, furniture, home textiles, office supplies, luggage, shoes, cosmetics, skin care products, toys, crafts
Production Market
Over 270 cities with local based "Escort Cat" inspectors, covering regions of China mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan, Far-east, Southeast and South Asia, European, North American and Latin American. We are serving for over 430 customers globally with high competitive quotation and professional.
Our service
Before inspection: actively communicate to confirm special requirements and standards, customized inspection protocol for each inspection.
Mid of inspection: Any issues found by inspectors in the process of inspection will be fed back to customers in real time, so that customers can make pre-active decisions before end of inspection.
After inspection: Professional inspection report will be delivered to customers within 24 hours, and available for customer inquiry at anytime.China Consumer Goods Inspection manufacturers