The hydropower generator made by Hi-Sea Marine are synchronous generator which are manufactured with advanced technology and excellent machining equipment, can meet different technical conditions of all kinds of turbines. We provide all kinds of generators covering a capacity from 50kw to 20MW, maximum speed up to 1500 r/min, F grade insulation class and maximum voltage for coil up to 13.8KV
Type:3-phases AC synchronous generator
Capacity 50KW-20MW
Excitation: brushless
Runner material: Optional
Shaft arrangement: vertical or horizontal
Warranty: 1year
2.Acceptance and guarantee period
The product and its main components must be inspected by the manufacturer before they can leave the factory and be accompanied by qualification documents (including purchased parts from the factory such as motors, oil pumps, solenoid valves, etc.).
The hydrostatic test and leak test in the plant shall be attended by representatives of both parties.
Under the conditions of the user's compliance with the rules of storage and use, during the warranty period of the product, due to product manufacturing quality (including purchased parts supplied by the manufacturer), damage or failure to work properly, the manufacturer should replace or repair the product for the user without compensation Parts.
The product warranty period is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Machinery Standard JB / T7928.
The equipment needs to be packed in boxes and can meet the requirements of transportation and moisture resistance.
According to the site transportation conditions, the weight of a single piece should meet the site transportation requirements on the premise of ensuring quality.
3.Payment terms ,Delivery and Service
Payment: by T/T or L/C.
Delivery: 5.5 mouth after down payment.
Service: 24 hours online service
After sales service:Machine installation and commissioning Operator training
Excitation system type
Triac rectifier excitation system with self-excited static voltage source.
Self-excited static voltage source thyristor rectifier excitation system consists of excitation power transformer, three-phase full-control bridge thyristor rectifier, demagnetization device, device to prevent transient overvoltage on the AC and DC sides of the rectifier, and dual microcomputer excitation regulator , Power system stabilizer, auxiliary function unit, starting device, excitation system control and protection device, power supply device, transmitter, current and voltage transformer.Pelton Turbine suppliers