I am a Islamic and like to play Path of Exile. Can I buy POE currency or earn currency by myself? In the game, you can also try to farm Poe currency by yourself. Many players do this. There are many farming techniques. You can find them on the VHPG website. The details are very detailed and helpful to the players. However, farming Poe currency is a labor that consumes time and energy.

Unlike in the last league, I will pay more attention to the intention of monitoring the list to provide a better viewing experience, rather than simply repeating the same thing at different prices every week.

Of course, once the metadata calms down a bit, the watch list will be reprocessed and become more accustomed. Let me tell you what you think of this approach in the comments below, as I'm trying to diversify the confusing reports and make them more timely.

Since last week, we've observed two projects that appear to be in a stale state and temporarily remove them unless there are any unforeseen changes to the metadata. Both projects rely heavily on bow centered powerful tuples, which is clearly not the case in this alliance.

The price of hyri's ire has fallen sharply from about 210C last week to quite poor 65C. The reason for the price drop is only the price surplus, and because most players currently avoid using bow games, there is little demand for prices. This situation may change in the future, but according to the supply of body armours in the future, we may not see it again in the league.

For similar reasons, the price of "dead works" has declined sharply. It's a good starting bow for Rangers, but it's usually replaced later. As more and more people emerge and fewer people are needed because fewer and fewer players are attracted to the bow game style, the price of these people has dropped. They've gone from 210 cents last week to still sizable 90 cents.

After removing these two items, let's go to the remaining watch list and add a new item to it to track the correct metadata.

Double socket headstones rank first on our list.

Grave robbers followed our forecast last week and the price went up further. But since then, they have been falling in the new year or so, and finally reached the current 193c price point.

For any attack based build, they are a very popular choice. Recently, with the rise of piercing gladiators and similar building prototypes, quite a few of them have become popular.

As mentioned last week, as the alliance progresses and more and more people switch to attack based versions, their prices are likely to rise in the coming weeks. However, compared with the previous League, the price is far less than before. At the same time in the last league, they have reached a low of 500C. In addition, the newly awakened physical damage gems, as well as many new noble equipment, make them less "necessary" choices than ever before. As a result, the demand for them is likely to continue to decline as more and more players master modpool and the new way of playing golf.

In order to farm , I suggest you buy a large number of sextants, and then sextant your stones to try to get as many guaranteed abysses as possible. The new sextant of awakening even has a mod, which can provide you with two abysses on each map instead of the usual one. Make sure you run these abysses on the T16 map, and remember that you can pull out the tombstone and replace it with another. Run T16 for later use. Also remember that ghastly and searching jewelry are great. With just a few ALT and regal attempts, it's easy to hit a dice roll worth a dozen or more chaos.