40 years of Porsche design

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Porsche Design, replica watches for sale expert Gisbert L. Brunner looks back at the history of memorable watches that are “different” but always modern: the famous FA Porsche's own black chronograph.

Surprisingly, Ferdinand Porsche (FA), considered one of the greatest people in design, was the father of 911, and he never considered driving a black car. "You see the finest fluff on black paint," he said.

"Black is not a color, but a" condition ", a" state of being. "In 1973, no one stopped the 38-year-old from using an all-black watch to surprise the market.

FA gave a brief explanation. He set up the Porsche Design Studio in the Austrian town Zell am See in 1972 and got involved in the tricky decision of the watchmaking industry: "I asked myself a simple question, watches can be made at that time, The industry is in a period of severe turmoil and is facing a potential crisis.

Quartz watches with digital displays are changing the face of Swiss watchmaking. "I want to create a watch that matches the car. Black is like a speedometer and tachometer-because that will be the clearest." That's why the first (to date) legendary Porsche-designed chronograph was born. .

The look of this watch is based on the logical reasoning of FA Porsche: "When people don't understand all its features, something should not be hidden. The final look has a completely black metal surface that will have a huge impact on generations of watch designers. . This great industrially designed old man has never been too interested in watchmaking's versatile (short-lived) electronics. "Watches represent an unmatched value for a set of quartz crystals. "So it was decided to make the first chronograph with an automatic Valjoux 7750 movement, which was first launched in 1973.high quality replica watches

Of course, watches are not only designed, they have to be manufactured. This is not an easy task. Facing a completely different situation, the conservative Swiss watch industry is skeptical. Even the management of manufacturer Orfina has expressed doubts. Sensitive issues with yield have caused confusion in the shoulders. However, the project is ongoing and the success achieved results on both sides. Over time, more than 50,000 design-oriented watch fans chose a watch that would become a true classic, inspiring many models. However, the apparent black appearance does show a weakness: sharp edges exposed to wear start to lose coating.

This made Porsche think ... and then he had an idea. This idea brought him to the IWC Schaffhausen in 1978, where he shared his passion for achieving the impossible. The cooperation between the two parties for the first time produced a "compass watch", which was planned for 1976 and combines two precision measuring instruments. "Not everyone needs a compass every day. But some people may need it from time to time. But that will be crucial!" FA Porsche sees it this way.

But that's not enough. "This is closer to my ideals as a designer: design is function and technology. Therefore, the unique double case is made of reinforced / hardened light alloy, which is also antimagnetic due to the compass." With our Comprehensive ability, we can create something new from the old theme. "The same is true of chronographs made of titanium alloy, which is a revolutionary material advocated by FA Porsche in the watchmaking industry." Because technology lags behind, it exists in our imagination before it is actually created. " Porsche Design 1919 CHRONOTIMER 4046901418267

Together, FA Porsche and IWC have created something almost impossible: a lightweight, tough and non-allergenic titanium case with a powerful case. For designers, this is the ideal material for "personalized understatement." In 1991, the compass watch received a titanium case and was eventually ordered by the German Navy. They need to give their mine-clearing divers specialized instruments that are water-resistant to 200 bar (2,000 meters in depth). The result was an underwater Porsche named "Ocean 2000", a huge success for the company. Followed by "Ultra Sportivo" and "Sportivo 02", both underscore the FA Porsche's creed that "the watch should be worn inconspicuously."

The spin-off with IWC occurred in 1995. That fall, the Porsche family acquired the Eterna brand. When the agreement with Schaffhausen ended in March 1998, "Porsche Design by IWC" became history. It is now "Porsche Design by Eterna". For legal reasons, it is not possible to continue to use the latest model ... that is why the classic 1973 "original" model made a comeback in the 1998 limited release and was made of stainless steel and matte and black chrome. The movement is a tested and validated Eta7750. After the fast-selling black "Original", there are plain stainless steel and titanium versions. FA Porsche has not changed its design. "A formally consistent product requires neither decoration nor enhancement. It should be enhanced only by the purity of its shape. The form should be presented in a minimal, understandable manner and should not distract the product and its function ."He says. Richard Mille Replica watches

Everything left by Eterna's work follows more or less these noble design principles. The influence of Porsche design is reflected in the technically complex "Indicator" or "Liu Ping" series, but Ferdinand A. Porsche's iconic logo is missing. Reason-The age and health of the "owner" born on December 11, 1935.

The Porsche family and Eterna separated in 2011. But this has no effect on reaching an agreement with Porsche Design, so Eterna showcased 40 years of FA Porsche Design at the Baselworld 2012. To commemorate this great man's anniversary, three of its most original designs will be on display: the black chronograph P'6510, the compass watch P'6520 and the iconic titanium chronograph P'6530.

"What inspired people's passion for watches?" FA asked in the 1980s. "Does it have the function of a measuring instrument? Or does it look ... in other words, its design?" He answered the question himself, "with the due diligence of talented 'craftsman' designers, these two All aspects can be resolved. " MBF Legacy Machine Perpetual 03.YL.BL