Container VolumeL5L-10L
Bottle Heightmm250-400
Bottle Neck Diametermm50-80
Bottle Diametermm150-230
Blow Machine Dimensionmm1850x660x1700
Heater Dimensionmm1700x650x1450
Installed Powerkw32.5
Blowing PressureMpa2-2.5
Working PressureMpa0.8-1
Mould Strokemm255
Stretching Strokemm500
Max Mould Thicknessmm330
Max Mould Dimensionmm400x330x345
Heating Zonepcs10
1. The process of blow molding machine is using preforms to make plastic bottles. The preforms are produced with the necks of the bottles, including threads on one end. The preforms are heated typically by infrared heater, then blown using high-pressure air into bottles using metal blow molds. The preform is always stretched with a core rod as part of the process.After these process, finally get plastics bottles or containers.
2. We PETPLUS factory always uses genuine international quality spare parts. Our machine has longer service life, stable operation and easy maintenance after sale.
3. PETPLUS high capacity blow moulding machine can blow bottles with various volumes and shapes. It's simple and safe to operate just by one worker without special training. The finished products have high transparency and good quality.Scrap rate of finished products is lower than 0.3%.
Q1:For getting precise quotation, what information you need to know?
1)Tell us what products you want to produce and if possible please show samples.
2)Tell us What capacity(per hour) you want.
3)Tell us your general budget if convenient.Blow Moulding Machine For 10L Containers suppliers