Can design and produce a full range of safe and reliable for the 1.5kw-400kw heat exchanger. Cold and dry machine has been successfully developed up to 400 cubic meters.
1.high cooling performance
2.various available constructive solutions & configurations
3.high resistance to dynamic thermal and pressure loads
4.high pressure resistance
5.low maintenance costs
6.a wide range of sizes
Product Case
This is a 12 cubic dry and cold machine equipment for the pre-cooling evaporator;
Step 1: Provide the corresponding parameters and requirements:
1, the corresponding air compressor displacement - Nm³ / min and exhaust pressure ----- bar;
2, the required dew point temperature ---- ℃;
3, the compressed air side of the pressure loss requirements ---- bar;
4, compressed air inlet temperature --- ℃;
Step 2: design the pre-cooling evaporator according to the provided parameters, calculate the required refrigerant flow rate, and select the proportion of the size of the precooler and the evaporator;
Step 3: Make the plan and customer confirmation (including installation, interface connection, etc.);
Step 4: Costing and Quotation.
Product parameter content
The design of the air compressor cooler requires the following parameters
1, the head of the exhaust volume and exhaust pressure;
2, the maximum allowable temperature (including the head of the exhaust temperature and ambient temperature difference and after the cold outlet temperature and ambient temperature difference);
3, medium flow (such as oil flow, water lubrication system, water flow, etc.);
4, fan parameters (optional fan to provide).
Cold and dry pre-cooling evaporator and condenser need to provide parameters
1, corresponding to the air compressor exhaust volume and exhaust pressure;
2, the air inlet temperature (generally designed by 38 degrees);
3, the dew point temperature requirements (generally less than 10 degrees);
4, refrigerant compressor data (or to provide refrigerant vaporization temperature and condensation temperature requirements).
Heat exchanger can be applied to:
1. Air compressor products: oil cooler, after cooler, intercooler can be used for one or two cooling oil-free air compressor, injection air compressor (including high and low pressure mobile machine), water lubrication press......
2. Cold and dry machine products: pre-cooling evaporator, condenser.
Product Precautions
1, the maximum temperature of the medium shall not exceed 250 degrees Celsius;
2, for large displacement air compressor oil cooling, the need for a reasonable structure and installation design (to prevent the design of the cooler caused by the installation of unreasonable and temperature stress);
3, the mobile machine structure design should be considered to avoid hot air reflow problem;
4, cold and dry machine products should avoid the refrigerant temperature is too low caused by blocking ice phenomenon.
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