Economy Elastic Bandage:
This type of elastic bandage has 300% elasticity contains natural rubber. It has less friction between bandage layer, in the same time it prvodes medium pressure to the affected part. The economy elastic bandage is a cost-effective choice and it is the most popular style in south america countries. It available in a variety of colors and sizes, the elastic bandage either aluminum clips or Velcro straps for reliable fastening.Welcome to send us the inquiry, and we will get back to you immediately.
H2-A12" Latex Economy Elastic Bandage2"X 5YD(4.5M)720 Rolls / Case
H3-A13" Latex Economy Elastic Bandage3"X 5YD(4.5M)480 Rolls / Case
H4-A14" Latex Economy Elastic Bandage4"X 5YD(4.5M)360 Rolls / Case
H6-A16" Latex Economy Elastic Bandage6"X 5YD(4.5M)240 Rolls / Casebuy Bandage