Our History
MYZR, focusing on embedded field, has independent product research and development, independent innovation, independent intellectual property rights for all products. The company also provides complete embedded products and the total solutions to help customers quickly design, develop and produce high-quality and embedded products, including hardware and software, as to reduce the risk of product development and shorten the product development cycle and go into the market faster.
We are a professional manufacturer of core boards and demo boards based on ARM technology and custom solution provider. After years of development, the current model range includes: i.MX283, i.MX6S,i.MX6U, i. MX6Q, i.MX6UL, i.MX6ULL and so on.
Our Factory
MYZR is located in Zhuhai, a beautiful city of China. MYZR as a domestic professional embedded card manufacturers, has been committed to the development of ARM series products of NXP, including the I.MX series and QorlQ series. Through our unremitting efforts, we have been officially recognized by NXP as their AEC partner.
Our Product
In MYZR, you can use our on-chip systems (SOM), single board computers (SBC), evaluation kits, and accessories to deliver your product planning in an economical and rapid manner.
MYZR Products includes the following:
NXP series:
1. MY-IMX6-CB200
2. MY-IMX6-CB314
3. MY-IMX6-CB140
4. MY-I.MX28-CB283
5. MY-IMX6-CB336
Development board(Evaluation kit):
1. MY-IMX6-EK200
2. MY-IMX6-EK314
3. MY-IMX6-EK140
4. MY-IMX28-EK283
5. MY-IMX6-EK336
Product Application
The provided solutions of embedded products and embedded products are mainly for the fields of:
Our Certificate
We attach great importance to the quality of our products, we have also obtained multiple certifications and patent certificates.
Production Market
We have occupied a bigger part of the domestic market and also focus on overseas market. We have been recognized by many clients in the market.
Our service
We help you complete the hardware design, and your software engineers only need to focus on cutting-edge technology development for fast-growing markets.
Maintenance service as below: http://www.myzr.com.cn/portal/page/index.htmlCustomized Arm A9