A type of POF shrink wrap that has become the preferred choice for packaging products both edible and non-edible. POF Shrink wrap is preferred for a variety of reasons including: fewer odors when sealed, stronger seal, and more flexible storage. POF shrink films do not have any chlorine; therefore they do not produce hydrogen chloride gas. POF shrink wrap does not have any plasticizers, so temperature is not an issue. POF can be stored in a wide range of temperatures and does not harden and soften in different environments like PVC shrink film does in the same condition.
Common Uses of POF Shrink Film- POF shrink film is used for almost every kind of application. Applications include: cosmetic, pharmercy, electronic, toys, sporting goods, printed wrap, foods, stationary and cards just to name a few.
Drawbacks of POF Shrink Film- Cost and machine compatibility are the two major drawbacks of POF shrink film. POF is commonly more expensive than PVC shrink wrap. Many packagers prefer PVC because of this reason. There are types of POF shrink wraps that are more compatible with machines.China Plastic Film suppliers